Melville® 60 Slabs

Discounted pricing until June 17, 2017

$3.84 / sq. ft. (reg. $4.80)

Prestige: $4.51 / sq. ft. (reg. $5.64) 

The Mondrian Plus 60 slab provides the texture of cut, chiseled and bright coloured natural stone, and can be used to bring to patios, terraces and pathways to life. The Mondrian Plus 60 slab blends nicely with the Mondrian Plus 80 paver to create a fluid transition between the front yard and backyard. 


Modern and contemporary, with a smooth texture and straight edges, Melville slab is available in two colours, can be installed in modular or linear patterns, and matches perfectly with Melville pavers.


Unit Melville<sup>®</sup> Slabs